Monday, July 7, 2008

Buying by Accident

I've bought a Yamaha YX600 Radian this Saturday. It was cheap, beat-up, ugly and it had a flat front tire - Yet intriguingly charming and unable to start.

I bought it kind of by accident on an auction. My good friend and I was at the auction and had decided to place at least one bid before leaving again. This bid happened to become the winning bid.

The bike had item number "113" - Thus the bike shall henceforth be known as "113".

None of us had seen this model before, even though we between us have quite an encyclopedic knowledge about motorcycle models. Having googled it when we got back home - feeling all fuzzy about the purchase - it turned out that the Radian is a U.S. market model only. A number of bikes have been imported to Europe, and only a very few to Denmark.

Keeping old bikes original and in mint condition is not my thing. This will not be that kind of project. This will be about stripping as much off as possible and rebuild the bike as a hot-rod kind of bobber old-school thing.

The project is expected to progress VERY slowly, as both me and my friend have day-jobs AND live in separate ends of the country. I will post here whenever there is something new to post.

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